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Our environment must be conserved for a multitude of reasons, which do not to be listed here. With that being said, LSI Scales is committed to supporting this growing, and important segment of industry using scrap and recycling scales. The scrap material industry is ever evolving and expanding in scope. All scraping material transactions are conducted by weight as the basis for transactions. Scales must be accurate, consistent, repeatable and maintain a high level of up-time.

At LSI Scales, we have the product breadth and the service team to properly and effectively provide the ultimate level of products and service in support of our scrap material customers. Whether you have an established operation or expanding your business or in start-up mode with a new business venture, LSI Scales can assist in all weighing system related matters from current equipment repair and optimization through to structuring a custom scale configuration for your business.

Scrap-Recycling scales
Scrap and Recycling scales

Which Industries use Scrap and Recycling Scales?

In today's world, businesses across various sectors prioritize sustainability. Furthermore, it play a pivotal role in this endeavor, providing a means to manage waste efficiently and contribute to environmental conservation. Across different industries, these scales have become indispensable tools for precise measurement, cost control, and compliance with recycling regulations.

Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing sector, businesses actively use recycling scales to track and quantify materials that they can reuse or repurpose. Moreover, these scales help manufacturers minimize waste, reduce raw material costs, and lower their environmental footprint. With real-time data on recycling efforts, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their sustainable practices.

Construction Industry

Construction sites generate significant amounts of waste, including construction debris and scrap metal. Scrap and recycling scales enable construction companies to efficiently manage these materials, segregate recyclables, and ensure proper disposal. By accurately weighing and tracking materials, construction firms enhance their sustainability efforts and comply with waste management regulations.

Logistics and Transportation

In the logistics and transportation sector, companies routinely manage packaging materials, pallets, and other recyclable items. Furthermore, scrap and recycling scales streamline the handling and disposal of these materials, leading to reduced waste disposal costs and fostering recycling practices. Accurate measurements are essential for optimizing transportation and logistics operations.

Agriculture and Food Processing

Agriculture and food processing industries generate organic waste, which they can compost or convert into biofuel. Scrap and recycling scales assist in measuring and managing these organic materials, contributing to sustainable practices. Additionally, precise weighing of products ensures compliance with packaging and labeling regulations.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Even in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, where precise measurements are paramount, businesses still find value in scrap and recycling scales. Additionally, they use these tools to manage medical waste and recycle packaging materials. By implementing recycling initiatives, healthcare facilities can reduce their environmental impact and support a cleaner, healthier planet.