Counting Scales

By combining the latest cutting edge features with heavy-duty designs, we at LSI Scales  are proud to offer our customers with an essential tool when counting high volumes of identical parts. For counting everything from precious metal to food products, you can count on our selection of high-quality counting scales, each designed to meet the most heavy-duty commercial or industrial application nationwide.

Our portfolio of counting scales are capable of managing all of your inventory control needs with the utmost of ease, ensuring you receive an accurate and reliable reading every time, and in return saving you time and money. Counting scales are very similar to many of the other scales on the market today when it comes to weighing your products, but thanks to their internal resolution, they are equipped with the ability to accurately divide and multiple.

LSI Scales carries several different models of counting scales from low-mid resolution scales for general purposes to versatile mid-high resolution scales that can be used for various counting jobs, as well as coin counting scales for counting coins or tokens with the utmost of ease. No matter what model you choose, you are sure to accomplish all of your shipping, receiving, counting, inventory audits and more effectively and efficiently.Interface your new counting scale with any one of the following valuable options: we carry large capacity remote bases so that you can count entire cases or containers with the same level of accuracy, software packages that store and manage all of your data on your PC, label printers, quality label paper, and many more custom options.