Our CT-109 (Now MPQP) Certification Service

Our service offers CT-109 Certification, ensuring compliance and quality in your operations. Trust us for reliable and accredited certification. Calibration tests for cement and aggregate proportioning devices must be conducted with a platform scale located at the calibration site. This platform scale must have a maximum capacity not exceeding 2.5 tons with maximum graduations of 1.0 pound. Perform witness scale error testing with test weights conforming to this MPQP to produce a witness scale that is within two graduations of the test-weight load. The scale and equipment needed for the calibration of proportioning systems must be available for use at the production site during production. We follow all the procedure for testing and approving weighing and measuring devices.

CT-109 Certification Service

FAQs(Frequently Ask Questions)

What is the CT-109 certification and why is it important?

It is a recognized certification standard for scales and weighing systems. It is important because it signifies that the equipment meets specific accuracy and performance standards. This certification is essential for ensuring the reliability and precision of weighing systems used in various industries.

How can I obtain CT-109 certification for my weighing equipment?

To obtain certification, you should reach out to a certified testing and calibration Service provider LSI SCALES that specializes in scales and weighing systems. They will conduct rigorous testing and assessment to determine if your equipment meets the CT-109 standards. If successful, your equipment will receive the certification, demonstrating its accuracy and compliance with industry requirements.