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At LSI Scales, we pride ourselves on offering superior quality commercial axle scales that can be used in handling the operations of your business enterprise. Suppose you’re involved in logistics, transportation, agriculture or any sector where accurate and reliable weighing of vehicles is essential. In that case, you can rest assured that our axle scales are designed and built to perform exceptionally well.

Axle Scales

Why Choose LSI Axle Scales?

1- Unmatched Accuracy

These axle scales are designed with computer technology to provide correct measurements every time. When using the LSI Scales, you can be sure of the correctness of the weights of the loads, which will enable you to attend to the legal requirements hence preventing you from being penalised.

2- Built to Last

Our axle scales are specifically designed for extreme usage and this is why we chose materials that would last and give a reliable performance. Our products provide durability that allows you to withstand harsh weather and undergo rigorous use.

3- Easy Installation and Maintenance

We know how much lost time is worth and we are not willing to lose any of it. That is why our axle scales can be easily integrated into the flow of your production without interfering with the processes. Moreover, the small maintenance demand means you will have more time to manage your business.

4-Versatile Applications

Whether you are a freight company or an agricultural producer, our axle scales are suitable for your needs. Regardless of your need, size, or type of business, we have a scale for you.

5- Exceptional Customer Support

At LSI Scales, the goals of our company include providing excellent customer service and support. However, our team of experts will always be available to help you choose the most appropriate scale for your needs, as well as offering post-installation technical support and maintenance.

Our Product Line

1- Portable Axle Scales

Portable axle scales are best suited for operations that need to move from one location to the other since they are easy to transport and install in different locations.

2- Permanent Axle Scales

Meant for permanent installation, these offer reliable productivity complemented by high impact resistance, ideal for use in bulk weighing locations.

3- Axle Scale Kits

Our Axle Scale Kits are designed for anyone who wants to have our axle scales installed in a specific way they want; thus it is a perfect integration kit for a unique system that is also pocket-friendly.

How Does Our Axle Scales Work?

Drive-On Weighing

All that is required to get the weight of a vehicle is to drive it onto the scales and the weight of each axle is determined with a high degree of precision and within a short time only.

Real-Time Data

Take your chance to get the weight information immediately, in time ensuring compliance as well as operation.

User-Friendly Interface

It has a very friendly interface to use and in addition, it's interoperable with your current systems and structures for smooth operation.

Benefits of LSI Axle Scales

LSI Axle Scales are characterised by the following benefits:

Accuracy and Reliability: 

We offer a range of axle weights of high-quality fabrication done using quality metals and other materials with high-quality and highly professional weighing systems.


Everyone knows that your axle scales are everyday items that must fulfil their task every day at any time. That is why our scales use high-quality materials to guarantee they can function efficiently for longer periods.


Some of our axle scales are portable, which means that you can weigh a vehicle without having to tow it to your preferred location. This is particularly suitable for cases where a firm only needs weighing equipment sometimes or during particular periods of the year.


Stay in line with the new weight regulations by using our certified axle scales. Comply with work zone regulations and ordinances to prevent possible heavy fines that possibly harm your vehicles and roadways.


You can improve the loading and unloading procedures with forklift trucks by using accurate weight data. Prevent overloading and underloading, so that you may save fuel and also ensure your vehicles do not wear out too quickly.

Industries We Serve

  • Transportation and Logistics

To keep your business on track, we provide only high-precision axle scales, specifically designed for logistics and other heavy industries.

  • Agriculture

Measuring weight from the farm to the market, several scales can be used to weigh various agricultural horticultural produce for stock control and efficiency of transport.

  • Construction

Load and weigh heavy machinery and construction materials quickly and effectively, which means that your operations can proceed without delays.

  • Waste Management

Track your waste loads properly to determine the best routes for collection and disposal to meet regulatory requirements.

LSI Scales: Your Experts in Axle Scales

LSI Scales does not limit itself to selling axle scales alone. We are your partner in improving your vessel weighing processes. Our expertise includes:

  • Customised Solutions: Our axle scales are available in different capacities, platform dimensions, and weighing systems depending on your needs and price range.
  • Training and Support: Our team offers a detailed training session on how to operate and maintain the axle scale so that you get optimum value for your money.
  • Compliance Guidance: We are aware of the current weight regulations and can assist with helping your company meet these requirements.

Purchasing an LSI axle scale is equivalent to investing in your organisation's productivity, effectiveness, and viability. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover how axle scale technology can effectively improve your operation.

The LSI Scales Advantage

Comprehensive Warranty and Support

We offer a warranty for every axle scale that we sell to ensure that you are fully protected. We also offer 24/7 customer support to help with any inquiries or concerns you may have so that your services run smoothly without interruptions.

Competitive Pricing

Our vision is to provide the best products at a reasonable price, focusing on quality rather than price. LSI Scales provides some of the best prices for this product without having to sacrifice quality. Our mission is to offer you competitive prices for our services and products that can make your operations more effective and profitable.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sustainability is a crucial topic nowadays, specifically when it comes to the relationship between business and the natural environment. All our axle scales are manufactured using environmentally friendly raw materials and energy conservation techniques.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

Dynamic Weighing Capabilities

The axle scales also come equipped with a dynamic axle weighing system which enables the weighing of moving vehicles. This technology ensures that your weighing process is fast and does not affect your organisation’s workflow.

Heavy-Duty Load Cells

The load cells of our axle scales are designed for heavy load capacity and rough environments to ensure proper and accurate weighing of goods. Eliminating errors at weigh-in is guaranteed with the LSI Scales for every load that you weigh.

User-Friendly Software

For the observation, documentation, and analysis of weight, our system has been carefully designed with an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface. This makes the software function efficiently for the need to print weight tickets, production of reports or connectivity to other existing systems.

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