Forklift Scales

We at LSI Scales are proud to offer our customers with the ability to weigh their products/materials accurately while eliminating the need for additional steps. With the help of our quality forklift scales, distribution centers, factories, food and produce handlers, and many more industrial operators are able to lift, weigh, move and record a load in one effortless operation.

As a forklift operator you will appreciate our functional, versatile and cost-effective forklift scales which have been designed to capture data, in real time, without disrupting your productivity. Most of our scales mount directly to any class II or III forklift while the indicators are easily installed using either wired or wireless methods.

Stay up to date on your businesses’ weighing productivity with one of quality forklift scales today. As with all of our scale products your new forklift is sure to provide you with unsurpassed accuracy and dependability. Best of all, you will receive exceptional quality at affordable prices, and with our promise of continued service in the event you need re-calibration or repair.

Do you already own a forklift scale but are in need of service? Well, then you certainly came to the right place!  At LSI Scales, we not only sell top quality products, we ensure they are working to their full potential by servicing and re-calibrating them as well. We will even service scales that you may have purchased from another distributor!