Remote Display

LSI Scales Offers a Wide variety of Remote displays including:

Rice Lake Survivor LaserLight M-Series

Vividly display or scroll alphanumeric characters using the M-Series Messaging Remote Display. For applications both indoors and out, the bright red 2.75″ characters are hard to miss.

Cardinal SB500 Series -5″ LED

Cardinal’s American-made SB500 boasts a giant 5-inch/127 mm tall, high-intensity LED display easily read up to 250 feet away. A weatherproof mild or stainless steel enclosure with mounting tabs allow it to be mounted on a vertical surface. Other features include bi-directional RS232 serial port and other connectivity options, auto-learning serial protocol, annunciators for lb, kg, T, t G and N. Custom programmable software to create your own graphics. The interface can autolearn most serial protocols.

Matko SBL-9

The SBL-9 was designed for outdoor industrial environments with a recommended viewing distance between 75 and 300 feet and a maximum recommended distance of 375 feet.  Typical applications include truck and axle scales and any application requiring long viewing distances.  This unit comes with a visor and a mounting bracket that can be used on both a wall and a poll.